Peggy’s Cove, Nova Scotia is a wonderful small community on the eastern shore of Saint Margaret’s Bay. Here your will find an example of how wind and wave have shaped this rocky shores. You will also find Peggy’s Point Lighthouse, established in 1868.

Samuel de Champlain named Saint Margaret’s Bay after his mother Marguerite. Later, locals used the name Peggy being a nickname for Margaret. More


Peggy’s Cove is not a place for very young children. The landscape is too rocky and treacherous for little legs. The rocks rise up from the sea and are covered with black algae which is very slippery. Many a person have slipped into the sea and have been buffeted against the rocks.

Make sure when your visiting to take the time to see the coast line by taking a tour by boat. Peggy’s Cove Boat Tours allows you that opportunity. More


Food is another thing you’d like to experience while visiting. There are many small kiosks to try some maritime delicacies.

If you like maritime charm, you’ll love Peggy Cove.


An Original Fishing Dory