Public Gardens – Halifax


The Grey Lady has been seen at the entrance of one of the rooms on the second floor


Inside the Citadel

Halifax is a city full of history, culture and a vibrant waterfront. The heart of the city is Citadel Hill (Fort George). Halifax was founded in 1749, the same year this hill was fortified. Though never attacked, the Citadel played a key roll in the defense of Halifax Harbour. Today Parks Canada operates this historic site where you can tour during the day and even go in a ghost walk during various evenings.

I took their ghost walk and found out about the famous “Grey Lady”. The legend has it that she was a lovesick bride searching for her groom who committed suicide on their wedding day at the Citadel. She is seen either in a rocking chair or walking the Citadel wearing a white gown. Her story is so legendary that she appears on a Canadian stamp.

Grey Lady Stamp from Canada Post

But the “Grey Lady” is not the only ghost story to come from the Citadel. There’s a story about some paranormal investigators that went to one of the prisons in the Citadel. Outside the cell they looked through a window only to see a man dressed in period costume. He was carrying a canon ball from one of side of the room to the other. When the investigators went to speak the the soldier, he was not to be seen. They searched to room for a hidden door but there was none. They went to the officials to complain about the rude soldier but was told that no one of that description worked in the Citadel and that the period costume had not been worn in over 25 years. More


“Got Drunk, Fell Down”

While in Halifax, make sure to go to the waterfront and visit some public art called “Got Drunk, Fell Down” by artists Chris Hanson and Hendrika Sonnenberg both graduates of the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design. This is a humorous take on objects which we take for granted – streetlights”. More


HMCS Sackville – Flower Class Corvette

Halifax is built on naval history and you can find it at every turn. Whether you’re walking down the street or along the boardwalk, you will hear a story or read about how Halifax became the center of Maritime history.

You will find the HMCS Sackville a Flower-class corvette that served in the Royal Canadian Navy and later served as a civilian research vessel, docked along the harbour. It now serves as a museum and is the last surviving Flower-class corvette.More

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